Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina


Rebuilding Raleigh

Creek Properties and Investments, LLC (CPI) would like to invite you and your company to invest in our efforts to participate in the revitalizing of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina as private money lenders. Our purpose is to help Raleigh with their housing and community development goals set within their revitalization plan. During this process, we will provide beautiful homes that have been brought up to city codes and are safe and functional.

CPI, as a real estate investment firm, is essentially a company that makes a profit from reselling completely renovated old and distressed properties. In order to continue to meet the purpose and goals of our partners, we rely on private investor funding or private money.

To ensure that our investors are funding viable projects, we are focused on three things:

  1. Location
  2. Return on Investment (ROI)
  3. The "team" involved on each project
    1. Realtors
    2. Real Estate Attorneys
    3. Licensed General Contractors

CPI is committed to finding real estate opportunities in which there is an opportunity for private money lenders to generate a substantial profit in a short period of time; opportunities in which the return on investment or ROI is greater than what any banking or financial instrument can offer.

Loan Criteria, Details, and Terms:

  • Investors will participate in the either the 10/12 Fixed or the 50/50 Equity Investor Program. Investor has an option to choose their based on program details and ROI.

  • Rehab loans are for six months, while new construction projects are for eight months.

  • Private money payouts will take place when the property has closed or has been refinanced.

  • CPI is paid only when the construction costs and private money loans have cleared payments first.

  • Properties of interest are located in the Downtown Raleigh and Durham areas.

  • The ARV (After Repair Value) or ABV (After Build Value) of the property of interest are between $300k and $500k. We may invest in ARV’s in excess of $500k depending on the strength of the opportunity and profitability.

  • Participants will be able to follow all CPI projects on our website as we post pictures, progress reporting and funding updates.


10/12 Fixed Investor Program 

  • Loan Amount Minimum: $15,000
  • Loan Duration: 
    • 6 months maximum for rehab projects
    • 8 months maximum for new construction projects
  • Loan payouts are paid at closing of sale or refinance.
    • No principal or interest payments are made during term of loan .
  • Return on Investment (ROI):
    • 0-4 months = Principle + 10% fixed interest
    • 4-6 months =  Principle + 12% fixed interest
    • 6-8 months = Not applicable for rehab projects; Principle + 14% fixed interest for new construction projects


50/50 Investor Program  

  • Loan Amount Minimum: $50,000
  • Loan Duration:
    •  6-8 months maximum
  • Loan payouts are paid at closing of sale or refinance.
    • No principal or interest payments are made during term of loan .
  • Return on Investment (ROI):
    • 0-8 months Principle + Equal Profit Sharing


We get paid after you get paid!




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